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Picture: Cool Illusion


Do you like cool images of illusions? Check out this nicely painted ground illusion! Click to enlarge.
Cool Illusion

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Cool Video: “Mind your step” — A Street Illusion


This video is pretty cool. It’s about something called “Mind your step” — a street illusion at “Sergels torg”. It was made by Erik Johansson. Would be fun to step on that bit of ground, huh?

Cool Optical Illusion


This one isn’t one of those pictures where there’s a hidden picture or a mindf*ck type of illusion. (excuse my expression)
I found it to be trippy and thought others who didn’t know about it would wanna try.

Just follow what the screen says on this website: neave
All credits goes to the author of the above website. Wouldn’t hurt to check out the other options on that site! Cool stuffs.

Cool Invisible Bottle Illusion


Look at this cool effect! Now you see it… now you don’t. If only I could hide other stuff this way. This is obviously witchcraft!


– ナオ太 (Naota)


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