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Happy Holidays


This is an old video and I actually scheduled this a few months into the future so I won’t remember it when I post it. It is worth watching all the way through for a laugh or two. Happy holidays!

Key & Peele: Hell’s Kitchen Parody


Ever think that Gordon Ramsay isn’t always straight to the point? Well Key and Peele think so.

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LG Elevator Floor Prank


While looking at IPS Monitors to buy, I came across this awesome video! LG decided to show off the realism of their latest IPS Monitors – which are known for high color accuracy and extreme viewing angles. Go watch now!


Dare to Fight a Zombie? Zombie Attack!


By the makers of “Dare to fight?” (A Ninja) here is their latest creation! The zombie apocalypse is here!

You can see Dare to Fight a Ninja here.

Dog Boarding


Skate Boarding? Nah, that is weak.

Dog Boarding? Oh yeah…


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