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Impressions: Fallout New Vegas


It’s looking good, guys. It really is. After a couple hours with Fallout New Vegas, I can tell you that the game looks like a whole new wasteland, and that’s more of what we like from Fallout now.

Fallout: New Vegas Game Fixes – Solves Launcher Crash, Game Crash, Save Issues, More


So a lot of people just got Fallout: New Vegas…to find out that it is full of errors preventing them from playing the game! That’s not to say the game doesn’t rock though. It’s an amazing game and despite the errors, it plays well on the PC. If you have Fallout: New Vegas Lag / Stuttering, sound and general audio issues, game crashes, game saving issues, or other problems then check out Fallout: New Vegas Game Fixes. It’ll play perfectly then, and if not, then post a comment about your situation!


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