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Top Fails of 2009 – Funny Video


Another Soccer Kick Fail


I won’t take much time explaining this…. you already get the drift. Soccer (or football as you British fellows may call it) + kicking = disaster.

Interview Fail. Cups/Glasses Broken


Poor guy. I am sure this is fake but what if it wasn’t?

Epic Fail: Why Sony And The PSP Go Faces Backlash


Earlier in June when E3 2009 kicked off, Sony announce a new PSP called the PSP Go. This new machine would have 16GB internal memory, downloadable game-play, and more compact than the other PSP models. After its showing, people generally had good feeling about the new PSP and were already putting it on their want lists. What added to this was the implied promise that a UMD conversion would be available for existing PSP owners looking to get a Go.


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