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Free Tier 7 Shield for Game Dragon Age: Origins Awakening


An event that is sponsored by Alienware (via their Alienware Arena) allows for Dragon Age: Origins Awakening users to get a FREE Tier 7 Shield. Pretty cool if you ask me, seeing as how it’s a very fast process to get the shield.

Details can be seen here: Free Tier 7 Shield in-game for Dragon Age: Origins Awakening. Get it fast while this even is still going!…Unless you don’t want a tier 7 shield! 😮

Dragon Age Journeys


To compliment my previous post about the upcoming game called Dragon Age Origins (LINK), here’s a flash version called Dragon Age Journeys (LINK).

Cool thing is, if you beat the flash version of the game, you can unlock three starting items in Origins 😉

Dragon Age Origins


I’m treading on Wrathie’s field here, but I happen to just come across wind of this game called Dragon Age Origins, here’s the video (rated M for mature, so don’t view if you’re under 17, ok?)


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