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Review: Dead Island


Title: Dead Island

Genre: Horror, Co-op FPS/RPG

Release Date: 9/6/2011

Systems: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Format: DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Distro


Looking at Dead Island, it’s hard not to recall Valve’s own 4 player co-op zombie slaughter Left 4 Dead. Both feature hordes of zombies, special infected, and four immune survivors who also happen to be quite adept at combating the walking dead. At that though, the similarities end. Developer Techland manages a clean separation from L4D once players get into it, and the distinctions only become more clear as the game progresses.

How to Fix Dead Island Errors – Crashing, Lag, Sound Crackling, Loading Times, Mouse Sensitivity


Gotta love zombie games right? There’s just something so satisfying about just absolutely destroying these savage, once-human beasts.

Dead Island, available for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 (PS3), is the most recent Zombie attack game available on the market right now. It entails being on an island that is full of zombies (hence the game title!) that you ultimately must destroy and it supports 4 player co-op! That means killing zombies…4 times as fast!

If you just got the game through Steam, then you may notice there are some Dead Island Errors or annoyances that you may need help to troubleshoot. These range from mouse problems to texture problems or even worse. Use our easy to follow Dead Island Game Fixes guide to solve those issues ASAP so that you can begin killing zombies without anything holding you back (other than possible sleep deprivation)!

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