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Military Crowdsourcing: DARPA releases public game to gather and research submarine warfare tactics


You too can now take part in a DARPA project without having to get a Ph.D in physics or material science. The agency, responsible for a swath of futuristic technologies made in the name of national security (though the Internet ultimately ended up for porn) released a simulation game to the public very recently. The simulator is intended to reproduce the conditions of submarine warfare in ACTUV, a new anti-submarine drone the agency is also constructing; no word on a release date for that. Why release the sim to the public? DARPA hopes to crowdsource the evaluation of effective and ineffective tactics used on ACTUV before they go and write the AI software for it. So get up on those leaderboards— one day, the sub drone an enemy fights could, in fact, be you!

… Or at least a record of your tactics.


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