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Video: Dancing Pet Goat


Check out this cute video of a baby goat dancing / jumping around. It’s 3 weeks old. The video description tells about the video best:

“We have a little 3 week old orphan Nubian goat kid that thinks he is a human! His mother rejected him so he follows us around and likes to copy our movements!”

Bubble sort dance


Here’s a fun visual way to learn how the bubble sort works!

Props to Sapientia University.

Funny Video: Dance Like Urkel!


Images are worth a thousand words. Videos are worth millions. This video, however, will leave you at a loss for words lol.

Listen to the laugh of this talented fat man who dances like Sefus Urkel with his glasses on and fingers in the air haha.

Disco Owl


Watch this Owl dance to the music! Yeahhhh! Embrace the power of the owl! *dances*


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