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Funny Ameriquest Commercials


Don’t judge too quickly. We won’t 😉 Ameriquest — an open-minded equal opportunity lender.

Cereal Dubstep


lolwut? Weetabix commercial

Hilarious Commercial – The Exorcist


This commercial, which was created by the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner manufacturers, is HILARIOUS, well-done, and has an unexpected ending!

Maybe they should try to make scary movies instead of vacuums, huh? Anyway, give it a watch if you’re bored!

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Old Spice Jungle Wilderness


Old Spice is back with witty ads, take a look at the latest:

Funny Videos: 2011 Super Bowl XLV Best / Worst Commercials


For lovers of football, the Super Bowl is very important for several reasons:

1) A struggle between two proven teams (i.e. Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers)
2) Half time show
3) Funny commercials

If you missed out on the commercials, you do not have to feel left out any longer. You can watch the best (and worst) of these commercials at Fox Sports. Enjoy!


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