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Funny Video: Road Rage to the Extreme – SUV vs Car


This was too hilarious not to post. Two vehicles are trying to merge into a lane and neither one is giving in. The smaller car has its windows down and is yelling at the SUV. So what does the SUV do? He cuts ahead, goes to the side of the road, waits for the other car to drive by, then splashes huge puddles into the smaller car through its opened windows. Haha. Well-done!

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Video: China – Mini Van Driver Caught Transporting 64 Children


It actually had 66 Chinese passengers total — 2 adults and 64 kids. Wow. The seats in the back were replaced with benches too to support all the people! lol. That may be staying “green” by car pooling…but that is completely against the law of course! Was he really taking them / bussing them to school? Or just escorting them to a party? Who knows!

Modernized Flinstones Car Reaches 60MPH


We all know the Flinstones. Everyone can remember their foot-powered vehicles. A group of individuals went ahead and created a new version on the Bedrock-Age Vehicle. And guess what? This vehicle can go 60MPH!

Human Car

You can watch a video of this Human Car in action. Take that Prius!

Behold the “Human Car” created by Humancar Inc. And it doesn’t have a top either, so you won’t have to worry about your dinosaur needing room to stick its head out.


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