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Bugs: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer


So there are the bugs that can be fixed client-side. What about the ones that happen server-side and you have no idea what the shit just happened? As far as I know, no one on the team named their characters Ichabod, Crane, or any combination/variant of the above.

Cool Video: Parasitic Mind Control


That’s right. Another video about parasites and snails. This time ants are also involved and the parasite in question is the liver fluke. In this video, ants consume snail slime that is full of liver fluke eggs. It burrows into the brain of the ants, and then is capable of controlling them. It won’t bother controlling the ants unless a certain predator shows up that is a suitable host, in which case the parasite begins its mind control and forces the ants to move to areas in which they’ll be consumed. This results in the parasite reaching the predator’s liver, where it lives the rest of its life. In the video below’s case, a cow is the victim.

Cool Video: Snail Zombies


Like Zombies? Me too. Like Snails? Who doesn’t! Oh…Most people? Okay. Well, check out this fascinating video on “Snail Zombies”! It actually sounds way cooler than it is. Basically, it’s about a parasite that is spread from birds poop to snails and back again to birds. It causes the snail’s eye stocks to puff up and look like worms and the parasite even seemingly starts to control the snail by forcing it to move in areas that will make it visible to birds. Long live the snail zombies!

Review: Alpha Protocol (PC)


Review: Alpha Protocol

System: PC (also available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3)

Release Date: June 1st, 2010 on all systems

Format: 2-Disc DVD, Steam Digital Download, Blu-ray

I tend to be a fan of the secret agent genre, more the Bourne side portrayal of the story rather than the Bond side (although Casino Royale was a fantastic reboot and earns its place in my undying love for great movies). CIA open literature on the subject is fantastically entertaining if but for the dickery that goes on in the trade. I watch Burn Notice whenever it’s available. So I have to say, I was looking forward to Alpha Protocol for a while since its announcement in 2008.

Was it worth waiting? Not entirely.

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