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New Game Bathroom Breakout


Bathroom BreakoutHappy Friday the 13th. What a great time for you to play our new game, Bathroom Breakout.

You must escape a scary bathroom. You have the feeling that you are not alone. Will you make it out? Try now! There are two ways to beat the game.

Go check out Bathroom Breakout

Funny Picture: X-Men Bathroom Sign


Here’s a creative pic! A bathroom sign was altered so that the handicap wheelchair person is Professor Xavier and the normal Man / Guy is Wolverine…AKA Logan 😉 They do fit pretty well on the baño sign after all lol.
X-Men Bathroom Sign

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Funny Image: Bad Urinal Manners


You must always follow proper mens room etiquette! Otherwise stay out of the bathroom.
Bad Urinal Etiquette
Creepy! Hopefully that never happens to you guys…Haha. This picture reminds me of the scene in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle — where some guy decides to pee next to Kumar on the same bush!

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