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Funny Picture: At Dawn – We Ride!


Funny Image: At Dawn We Ride!

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Funny Image: Baby – Haha So We Meet Again


I laughed at this funny picture. Check out this baby staring into a mirror as it is deceived by what he sees.
Mirror Baby - Haha So We Meet Again

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Funny Video: Little Girl Tries To Say “Fox On The Beach”


This video is pretty funny.

This little girl’s dad asks her “Is There a Fox On The Beach?” and when replying…

Boom! Accidental cussing / cursing / swearing / whatever you want to call it!

So “Fox on the Beach” = “Fuck bitch” — whoops, that’s not it at all!

Weird Video: Cake That Looks Like Baby – Being Sliced


This cake was created to look like a baby…

Watch as they slice into it with a cake knife. It looks a little disturbing! Just remember it’s made out of cake 😉

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Funny Video: Baby Travels by Roomba


Roombas are usually used to clean your house. These people decided to allow their baby to travel using Roomba technology though 😉 Check it out.


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