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James Cameron Discusses Na’vi Boobs


According to lightlybuzzed, there has been a huge fuss on places like IMDB in regards to why the Na’vi women have boobs.

Apparently these IMDB people (who clearly think they are the Jesus of the movie critic world) state that the Na’vi are not mammals and that they have no need for actually having them.

After a while, a big enough fuss was made that it garnered the attention of James Cameron. James Cameron issued a simple response that I was completely satisfied with in the following statement:

“Because this is a movie for human people.”

Short and sweet right? Exactly. No technical response needed.

Obsessed With Avatar? Become a Na’vi


There has been a trend of people using photo shop to alter photos so that they look like the Na’vi on Avatar. Some of the videos are great and some are well… awful. This one is awesome.

Avatar the Last Air Bender Trailer


So Nickelodeon decided to make Avatar the awesome cartoon into a real movie. The kid is suppose to be twelve but he kinda looks like he is eight. But that is okay. The effects look like that are pretty good. What do you all think of it? You should totally check out the show if you haven’t. For those of you who have seen it… you can go ahead and complain that they didn’t put any Asians in this movie… kinda reminds me of the Dragonball movie. tsk tsk.


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