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Best Google Docs presentation


All those presentation charts and graphs put to full use!

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Effective 3D Modeling and Rendering Solution oh… and FREE


I have been completely in the dark about a 3d Modeling program named Blender. The reviews on it have been stunning and people have made some great stuff out of it. You can check out Blender here. Check out a 3d Bathroom that was made using Blender here.

Final Fantasy 13 Character Made by a Fan in Blender

Final Fantasy 13 Character Made by a Fan in Blender

The above image was created by a fan of the Final Fantasy Series using Blender. You can view the page of it here.

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Resonant Chamber – Animusic


Amazing rendering of a machine that plays stringed instruments in a pretty relaxing melody. Foose….

High Res download available off Animusic

Rhythmic sonar melody


Here’s a pretty neat tune, that’s got matching animation.
Created by: Renaud Hallee

Super Mario Jesus Flip Book


This is very well done lol. Say hello to Super Mario Jesus done via Flip Book animation.



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