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  • T-Mobile announces Tegra 2 powered G2x, the first 3D Android smartphone

    Recently swallowed T-Mobile has a history of launching interesting, market-bending handsets. T-Mobile, after all, was the first American mobile company to release the texting friendly Sidekick, and they were also Google’s launch partner with the first Android phone, the G1.
    Now T-Mobile is trendsetting with a new handset: the world’s first glasses-free 3d Android smartphone, running […]

  • Amazon Appstore apps a no-go with locked-down AT&T Android devices

    According to PCMag, AT&T’s Android phones are the “most-locked down in the industry.” You can’t install third-party apps from outside the Android Market, which means you can’t install any apps from the Amazon App Store.

  • Verizon CEO unconcerned about AT&T/T-Mobile deal

    With this weekend’s surprise revelation that AT&T would be buying T-Mobile for $39 billion, thus taking the crown from Verizon as the country’s biggest cell provider, you’d think that Verizon would be worried. Maybe even angry. Maybe even angry enough to do something rash, like use its lobbying money to try to pressure the government […]

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