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Funny Music Video: The Axis of Awesome – In The Club Tonight


This music video is about why clubs actually suck!

Mad World by Tears of Fears (Original Video)


Most people know this song from Donnie Darko or Gears of Wars. How many of your have heard and seen the original song and video? Well here it is…

Did I just ruin it for you?

Video: Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – Exercise Mode Music


Awesome, classic Sega Genesis game. Here’s the Exercise mode music.

Cool Video: Mechanical Donkey Kong


Someone made the original Donkey Kong game (where Mario jumps over barrels, climbs ladders, and tries to save the princess) mechanically. It doesn’t look like he can do anything other than jump or get hit though. Still neat.

Cool Video: The V Motion Project


Basically, this is music created and controlled by body movement / motion.


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