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Funny Video: The Olympic Ticket Scalper


Funny video with (Sir) Patrick Stewart in it, as well as Ryan Lochte and Simon Pegg! Check it out below!

Funny Video: Link Reaches Adulthood


Here’s a funny Zelda: Ocarina of Time spoof. What happens when Link is all grown up?

Funny Video: Rewind YouTube Style 2012


There have been a lot of big YouTube videos this year, and this video recaps some of them, as well as the people in them. Check it out and see how many you recognize!

Killer Karaoke


So… Can you sing? Great! Can you sing on que? Amazing! Can you sing sober? Even better!

Can you sing while serving food and wearing 5 shock collars while being electrocuted?

Key and Peele: Magician Cop


Don’t you had it when you get pulled over and the police man starts doing magic tricks? Wait what?



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