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Little tweet causes giant riot at Electric Daisy Carnival premiere

Twitter is a great tool for learning about events happening in your city. For example, the Ben Jerry’s ice cream food truck can tweet its location, and, within minutes, will have swarms of people ready to eat their delicious treats. It’s nice to know about things you’d otherwise be in the dark about, but you have to realize that

Data harvest – a look at how Google sees users on Google+

Back in 1998, there were these twofix guys who figured out that if all of the stuff on the internet could be indexed, sorted, and presented in a useful fashion, it would be really great.

Darth Vader comes to Garmin GPS, you will obey the Sith Lord’s directions

“Your journey to the Dark Side is nearly complete.” That’s what you’ll hear from the voice of Darth Vader as you’re driving in your car to your in-law’s house. Okay, so whether or not you’re looking forward to your destination, Darth Vader doesn’t care. He’ll guide you on your way as the new voice for Garmin’s range of personal navigation devices.


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