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Romney’s Tax Plan


Not promoting anything political, I stumbled upon this nicely scripted webpage that just happens to describe Romney’s tax plan in detail:




Dollar Shave Club


Do you shave? Then you may consider joining the Dollar Shave Club! Introduced to me by a colleague, this operation looks oh so very promising for some of us hairier dudes… or even dudettes?

Foose’s new alarm clock: The Sonic Bomb


First, I think everyone should know is that I still wake up at 7am every day, and I stay up until 2 or 3am doing working on my stuff.  So I really only sleep in on Sunday.   The alarm on my phone (AT&T Impulse 4G) does not work on me anymore, so after being late to work for about 2 weeks, I decided to buy a hardcore alarm.

This alarm does wonders because it wakes me from a sleep deprived rest.  The alarm emits a loud, but adjustable beeping noise (Volume and pitch can vary) while that hockey puck device, placed under your mattress, creates enough force to shake the mattress.  Each day, I wake up and think there’s an earthquake, but its effective.  Best part is, since I wake up from the shaking feature, I immediately don’t think of hitting the alarm clock.   Cost:  $30.
PS:  If you are doing Inception, do not use this for a kick…

I chose this over the other top clever designs for the following reasons:
Gun/Target Alarm Clock:  Bad reviews, and I know I’ll have the urge to throw the gun at the alarm…
Flying Alarm Clock:  Bad reviews, cheap material, and I’ll get lazy and bash the alarm clock with my elbow before I look for that damn little ball
“Clocky” Alarm Clock on Wheels:  I saw this, and the concept is that it rolls off your table and hides once you hit the snooze button, before going off again making you get up to find it.  I am like a lion, I will get up, hunt for it, and mostly likely beat the s*** out of that thing.  (Think of the greased up deaf guy from family guy and tell me how much you want to catch him and break his legs to prevent him from getting away again)
Hanging Alarm Clock:  Hangs from the ceiling over you, and when you “tap” it to snooze, it goes higher and higher until you have to stand up and put an effort in turning it off.  For me, the first few reactions will be to go tether ball on it and send it flying across the room for satisfaction.
– Any other ordinary alarm clock:   When I hear that beeping, my arm swings over and hits the clock with a good amount of force, damaging the device.  My phone, for example, has been thrown across the room many times before.

-113 db extra-loud alarm
-New green power technology now uses 60% less energy
-Improved battery (9V)  backup, will back up the time and alarm settings up to one week

-Extended cord for the vibrating device
-Rechargable 9V battery

Most popular kpop music video in USA


Right now, the most popular korean music video in the USA, a feat of complete randomness where many previous korean bands/signers have TRIED and FAILED to this random, hilarious video!



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