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iPhone 5 Preorders Begin


Want an iPhone 5? Well go get it now! Apple was sneaky so if you went to their site early you will have to clear your cache first. Enjoy. Review for the device soon.

iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 Leaked!


Finally a picture of the new iPhone! They say there is now a bigger screen.

iphone 6 Leaked

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Funny Video: Racist iPhone SIRI


The iPhone 4s has a racist feature on it — SIRI!

Apple Products Coming in 2013

Behold the iToilet! Now you can continue loving your Apple products without missing a beat!..beet

Apple Products 2013 iPoo iToilet

You can see 2012 and 2014 Apple Releases here as well!

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Battle of Tablets: Amazon Fire VS Apple iPad 2 VS Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 VS Nook Color


With the Amazon Fire release date being today, you may be wondering what the best tablet out there is right now!

There is no easy answer to this, however, and so you must compare the top tablets instead! We’ve boiled it down for you in the following article: Comparison: Amazon Fire vs Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, NOOK Color

Which is best will of course depend on you. We’ll tell you the features and you’ll make the choice. They’re all good pieces of equipment in the end, but the prices do vary significantly.


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