Today is Friday, 27th February 2015

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Cute Video: Baby Black Panthers


Cute Video: Baby Pandas Playing


Here’s a video of cute, Chinese baby pandas playing around in their nursery / playground. They like benches and slides ;)

Video: Dancing Pet Goat


Check out this cute video of a baby goat dancing / jumping around. It’s 3 weeks old. The video description tells about the video best:

“We have a little 3 week old orphan Nubian goat kid that thinks he is a human! His mother rejected him so he follows us around and likes to copy our movements!”

Funny Video: Sheep Cyclone


Perhaps the most scary, devastating tornado of all time lol ;) Makes you wonder — why are they circling that car?

Video: Crow Adopts Baby Cat As Its Own


Very cute! This crow became the mom / dad of this abandoned baby kitty! It even fed the cat. Moe the crow and Cassy the cat ;)


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