Today is Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Project Navi


Decide how the Navi’s meet their end! Submit your ideas by May 15th, then the most creative and cleverest ones will be filmed in the conclusion!

OCZ Vertex 5 Release Date


OCZ Vertex 5If you know Solid State Drives, chances are you have heard of OCZ and their Vertex SSD drives. These drives promise monsterous performance. OCZ will be releasing their Vertex 5 this May (2013) so be sure to check back for so you can pre-order / buy the Vertex 5. Chances are that it will be a Barefoot 3 platform.

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Old Spice Watermelon Commercial or is it?


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Bird Translation


Ever wonder what your pet is saying? It isn’t always pretty.

Pet Bird Cursing

Pet Bird Cursing

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Bridges all over the world


There are tons of awesome bridges all over the world. I mean I would travel to these countries just to see these bridges! Especially the last one.

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