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Upgrading Old Computers Under $350


Warning:  Random post, but this may benefit those trying to upgrade old machines as cheaply and effectively as possible.

Story:  In 2006, I had two very old computers, in fact they are still old.  “Whiplash” was a custom build running a P5B Deluxe MB (533 – 1067 Mhz FSB), X1800 GTO video card (PCI 2.0), Pentium D 2.67 LGA 775 (Overclocked to 3.4Ghtz), 2 GB DDR2-5300 667Mhz RAM, 180GB 7200RPM HD, and a 500W power supply (Combined with a heater, I could throw a circuit breaker in a room, thanks to the X1800 needing 450W alone)  “Goldfish” was an older computer, stock with a PTGD1-LA “Goldfish” MB (533 Mhz FSB), X300 128 MB Video Card (AGP), 1 GB of DDR-3200 400 Mhz RAM, 200 GB 5400 RPM HD, and a 400W power supply.   Time took it’s toll, as well as other unfortunate experiments and incidents that rendered them inactive (The reason they could not be used was because the HD’s kept crashing)

Samsung S4 Style (Gangam Style) Ranveer Singh


Samsung decided to promote the S4 in a special way.

OCZ Vertex 5 Release Date


OCZ Vertex 5If you know Solid State Drives, chances are you have heard of OCZ and their Vertex SSD drives. These drives promise monsterous performance. OCZ will be releasing their Vertex 5 this May (2013) so be sure to check back for so you can pre-order / buy the Vertex 5. Chances are that it will be a Barefoot 3 platform.

Borderlands 2: Krieg the Psycho (NEW Character Class) and Level Cap and More


Available in May, this new character can be bought through DLC.

He’s a melee style character that throws dynamite.

Some of his skill trees make him easy to kill, but let him deal massive amounts of damage…so he is a “high risk”, “high reward” class.

His skilltrees are…Bloodlust, Mania, and Hellborn Skill Trees. And his action skill is Buzz Axe.

Additionally, a Level Cap DLC is being released that boosts the new cap to 61. It also adds new Pearlescent weapons for levels 51-61, and a new playthrough called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

Lastly, a 4th DLC is being added. This DLC was created by Gearbox themselves (and not outsourced to another company). It’s the BIGGEST DLC that they have ever created (it’s even bigger than all of the original Borderlands DLCs even) and is suppose tp be released in late June.

So there you have it! 3 new Borderlands DLCs.

Destiny: Pathways Out of Darkness


This looks more promising than Elder Scrolls Online. There, I said it.

Trailer made for PS4 in next half of article


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