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Stage Fright – So Real It’s Scary 2 #LGStageFright


LG makes some of the coolest commercials… not in the US. Watch! You’ll never think a urinal the same way again….

Carbonite Promotion


We’ve all been there. Whether in the days back in school finishing a report or when working long hours on a project at work. You are just about to finish up and then your overheating laptop turns off, gets a virus, or freezes. Sure, you might have lost the last few minutes of your work. Sure, that is frustrating, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now imagine you go to turn your computer back on. The power lights blink, the hard drive starts clicking and the computer turns right off. Now you’re panicking. I mean, there is no way you lost weeks of data that the rest of your team needed for the big report, right? You needed that paper to make sure you got an A on your test, or to help get you the big promotion you were working hard on.

Now we will follow this example with a few individuals:

Speed Riding at Les Arcs (France) and Val d’Isère (France)


I am adding this tone to the bucket list. Check out this speed riding.

Windows 8 Training Camp: Makeup


Samsung S4 Style (Gangam Style) Ranveer Singh


Samsung decided to promote the S4 in a special way.


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